The Main Difference Of Shiatsu And Chinese Meridian Treatment

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The current society has a tendency to depend on chemically produced medications for stopping illnesses. Many people don’t understand that you will find negative effects caused by these drugs when taken excessively. It is a good thing that there are existing variety of facilities open for 24 hours offering massage in Singapore and making use of Shiatsu and the Chinese meridian treatment to focus on the needs and pains of the customers. They deal with various kinds of pains such as migraine headaches, joint diseases, anxiety, and more. Rather than using medications all the time, you will find individuals who go to the spa to alleviate their selves from their difficulties and to unwind. You can choose from numerous expert services that the spa provides. A couple of which are Shiatsu and Chinese meridian therapy. Let’s explore what both of these are and just how these really help:

What Exactly Are Shiatsu And The Chinese Meridian Treatment?

One of the famous physical therapy which is used to aid and improve your body’s normal capability to heal and balance is Shiatsu. It is believed that the entire body, both the inner and outer body benefit from Shiatsu. It helps the body holistically: psychological, spiritual and mental facets of an individual. Finger pressure is the literal meaning of Shiatsu in Japanese because it started in Japan with a touch of a Chinese influence. Shiatsu can be used to enhance and maintain a person’s health and wellbeing and also to give relief from simple discomforts experienced by an individual.

Chinese meridian treatment is a technique that utilizes the 12 meridian areas of the body. This really is performed to restore balance in the energy circulation in the body to help you feel much better. Each of the meridian channels corresponds to a specific organ linked to it which can be aided when the therapy is applied to the meridian. The therapy may either be acupressure or acupuncture. Both of them implement pressure on the meridian sections to provide pain relief to the body.  You can visit for more info about this service.

Consider Some Of The Kinds Of Shiatsu

  • Five element shiatsu

The 5 elements match a body organ. Pressure is applied in regions within your body in which the meridian lines flow. Each and every element matches a body organ. Fire and metal equates to the lungs, wood is to gall bladder, and water is to kidneys and earth is to the spleen. This therapy is utilized to balance the flow of your energy dealing with the entire being of an individual.

  • Zen Shiatsu

Zen shiatsu is a therapeutic massage which also concentrates on the 5 elements. Elbows, knees, fingers, and palms are utilized to apply pressure to the meridian regions. Zen harmonizes the main energy center, also referred to as Hara.

  • Ohashiatsu Massage

This therapeutic massage can be used to relax and reduce the worries of a person. The treatment utilizes limb rotations and stretches. Elevated stamina, strength, enhanced motion and flexibility are among the effects of the Ohashiatsu massage therapy.

  • Ashiatsu Massage

This massage therapy will work for those who are looking for deep muscle work. The specialist makes use of bars fastened overhead for support since she’s going to use her barefoot. The back and hands won’t be utilized in the procedure. An experienced specialist should perform this massage therapy because it may bring a possible risk to the client if the individual is not qualified to do Ashiatsu massage. You can visit to inquire about their services in Singapore.

What Are The Types Of Chinese Meridian Therapy?

  • Acupuncture

This therapy uses needles that are placed on the meridian system to give relief to the person experiencing pain such as migraines, backaches, arthritis, etc.  A highly trained practitioner should perform this treatment since it can also post danger to the person if done in the wrong way.

  • Cupping

Cupping can be used just like acupuncture, however in this method; the specialist makes use of breakable cups. The cups are warmed to get rid of air then positioned at the back to pull your skin, permitting the cups to adhere for several minutes. This enables your body to become stimulated and to balance the circulation of energy.

  • Acupressure

Acupressure is performed through the use of pressure on the meridian parts of your body. Pressure is used in circular motion in order to deal with pains of the body and permit harmony of energy which promotes the health and wellbeing of an individual. It takes away the damaging energy that causes one to feel pain and discomfort.

When in Singapore, go to to avail any of these services. Not all these kinds of therapies can be found in spas, however the best 24 hour massage therapy in Singapore provides a few of these services. Be sure to look for a spa which has expert practitioners to guarantee the best therapeutic massage experience. Click here to find the best spa in Singapore.

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