Relex Smile: The Ultimate Guideline You Need Before Your Surgery

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Relex Smile: The Ultimate Guide You Need Before Your Surgery

What is ReLEx SMILE?

ReLEx means Refractive LEnticule Extraction, while SMILE means Small Incision Lenticule Extraction. This technique is the latest laser surgery method available in the industry, and is used to treat shortsightedness as well as astigmatism. Since this it is the most cutting-edge refractive surgery, ReLEx SMILE is only available in select eye care clinics in Singapore. Just like LASIK treatment, patients can expect similar benefit, with the additional benefit of fast recovery time, not getting any corneal flap, and even little discomfort.


What are the advantages of ReLEx SMILE compared to other surgeries?


  • Since the doctor no longer have to do flap folding, there is no risk of flap complication
  • Low probability of getting dry eye problem once the surgery is done
  • ReLEx SMILE is possible even for patients who are suffering from dry eyes
  • The rapid healing reduces the risk of any eye infection during and after surgery
  • It is a painless, gentle and quick procedure
  • Patients can go back to work within just three to five days after the surgery
  • No risks of flap displacement
  • The lacrimal reflex is maintained since lesser cornea nerves are affected


Who are qualified to under ReLEx SMILE?

Bed Eyesight

A patient who has higher degrees of nearsightedness or myopia and astigmatism may be advised to undergo ReLEx SMILE. You need to be at least 18 years old to be qualified. This surgery offers up-to-date advantages by removing the need to make a corneal flap in LASIK surgery or the lengthy recovery time in surface ablation method. It only needs a small incision on the corneal surface through the use of femtosecond laser. Because the cut created on the cornea is just minimal, it lets your eyes to heal faster.


How does ReLEx SMILE work?

First and foremost, your doctor will give you some numbing eye drops to remove any discomfort you could feel during the surgery. For the next step, a femtosecond laser is applied to make a small incision along with a lenticule inside the cornea. Once done, the corneal tissue or lenticule will be removed through the small cut. After the tissues have been removed, the shape of your cornea is changed for your desired vision outcome.


What are the risks of undergoing ReLEx SMILE?

All medical procedures come with their own advantages as well as disadvantages. It will be best to be fully aware of them so you can better decide if the procedure is really right for you. Below are the risks of undergoing ReLEx SMILE surgery:

  • Corneal abrasion
  • Lenticule rupture
  • Interface inflammation
  • Corneal edema
  • Cap tear
  • Difficult lenticule extraction
  • Suction-loss during surgery
  • Perforated cap
  • Under correction
  • Epithelial abrasions
  • Small tears at the incision site
  • Loss of best-corrected visual acuity
  • Diffuse lamellar keratitis (DLK)
  • Transient epithelial dryness
  • Haze
  • Opaque bubble layer
  • Interface infiltrates
  • Blurred vision


There are only few eye care centers in Singapore that have quality Relex Smile services, so be sure to select the one that is reliable. To make sure that you are fit to undergo this surgery, visit an eligible eye care center such as Atlas Eye. This clinic is located in Paragon Medical, Orchard Road. Their staff members are skilled and trained in delivering quality services. Visit their website for more details about their eye care services or to set an appointment.


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