How to Choose an Eye Care Center For a Refractive Surgery

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Choose an Eye Care Center

If your aim is to find right eye specialist doctor who will help you have better vision, then you have visited the right place. This article aims to help you find the right eye care center where you can have quality LASIK surgery. Below are some advice on how you can assess an eye surgeon’s skill.


To help you see whether you have found the right doctor or not, here are some effective tips:

Ask the eye care center’s staff members – to have an idea whether the doctor will make you feel at ease during eye exams or eye surgery, ask the people who always interact with the doctor while at work. They are the ones who really see the accomplishments or mistakes of the doctor, and they know if he or she is to be recommended or not. You can even set for short interviews so you will not have to sneak around to ask questions. Here are some helpful questions to get you started:

  • Can you share some of success stories of this surgeon?
  • Does he patiently answer questions from patients?
  • Would you recommended this doctor to one of your relatives?

Even if they don’t give you frank answers, their overall opinion about these random questions will give you a better understanding whether you should trust your safety to this surgeon or not.


Ask for your physician’s recommendation – if you already have a family doctor, a pediatrician or an obstetrician/gynecologist, then you may ask for their recommendations on who should you trust for a LASIK surgery. These family doctors will not put their reputation or your trust at risk by referring the wrong doctor. Moreover, since he or she knows your medical history, they would choose a doctor that specializes in your needs. Once he or she has given you a list of names, inquire why your doctor recommends this surgeon. Is he referring him since he is known in the industry for delivering optimal results? Does he or she trust this surgeon to help you understand what your options are? Just like the queries mentioned, this will give you enough tips to make the right decision.


Relatives or friend’s recommendation – if you know someone who has recently done LASIK surgery, ask for their recommendation. These people will be honest to you on whether they suggest the services offered in an eye care center or not. They can even give you tips on what to ask or even help you get discounts.


Research on the Internet – make the most of the Internet and take a look into the collective feedback of many of their patients online. Check for reliable websites and forums so you can read how they rate physicians based on their personal experiences.

Research on the Internet

One recommended eye care center in Singapore is Atlas Eye. Their eye care center is located in Paragon Medical #07-09, 290 Orchard Road. They have quality eye care services using cutting-edge medical technology as well as modern surgery techniques. This clinic is owned by highly regarded eye surgeons in Singapore, and is spearheaded by Medical Director and Senior Consultant Dr. David Chan. He is a Courage Star Awardee, and is a member of various international ophthalmological organizations. Each of the staff members of Atlas Eye has about 7 to 20 years of intensive clinical experience.


Schedule an appointment with them for eye examination or call their clinic for enquiries regarding their advanced services in cataract surgery, LASIK surgery, childhood eye treatment, and glaucoma treatment. Get in touch with Atlas Eye today.




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