Pregnancy Yoga: Modifications You Can Do

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If you are a lover of yoga, chances are you have been doing yogic practices for as long as you can possibly remember.

You probably have also tried ashtanga and iyengar yoga styles, added new yoga asanas, and routines every now and then.

However, are you prepared to make changes to your routine when you get pregnant?

The good thing is you don’t have to stop doing yoga even if you are on the family way but you need to make certain modifications to your yogic practice.

Below are some modifications you can make to help warrant your safety and that of your unborn baby during yoga exercises, asanas, plank pose, and mountain pose.

Use blocks

Aside from doing modifications to some yoga poses and exercises, consider using accessories to help you out.

One accessory you can definitely put to good use would be the yoga block.

The blocks can be used to brace the back, arms, shoulders, and to offer some relief for neck and back pressure.

One of the most important things you can observe while pregnant and doing yoga would be to ensure your body is braced and given proper and adequate support and yoga blocks can surely help.

Refrain from doing front-facing or downward poses

One of the primary changes you can make when pregnant and doing yoga would be to look for a more suitable yoga routine.

You need to ensure that you avoid doing downward facing positions like the downward facing dog during yoga practices.

You also need to refrain from doing front-facing positions or other poses that entail lying on your belly.

While this may seem like a given, it may not be as obvious to others.

Others might not think they will not fall or hurt their unborn baby, however, accidents do happen so it would be best to be cautious.

As an added safety measure, many prenatal yoga instructors require limiting the amount of time expectant mothers do difficult poses so as to prevent falling and other untoward injuries.

Using straps to stretch

One accessory that can help you modify certain yoga poses more easily would be the yoga strap.

In some cases, however, you’d only feel the stretch has gone too far after it happened so it would be best to stay on the safe side.

Rather than stretching your legs and arms on your own, consider utilizing yoga straps to help perform bends, stretches, and poses.

The modification can also be used in yoga poses that will require leg and arm stretches.

If you will find doing yoga modifications, poses, and changes a little too challenging, it would be best to check with a yoga instructor that is certified in prenatal yoga.

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