Cupping: A Great Way to De-Stress

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Recently, more and more folks go to a 24 hour spa in Singapore for relaxation and treatment. Many have found the intriguing cupping therapy effective and revolutionary, albeit there are still a lot of people that are unfamiliar with the procedure.

Massage cups are usually made of either silicone, glass, bamboo or earthware. To create suction, the unique cups are placed around the skin. This treatment therapy is completed for those who are seeking to get relief from pain or inflammation, looking for relaxation and improved blood flow and many more. Cupping is deemed as a form of tissue massage.

What Are the Types of Cupping?


A flammable substance is placed on the unique cup to take away the air inside. The therapist at will let the compound burn and straight away spot it in the back of the client. The skin will probably be sucked in, producing it appear red and swollen. It can be left in location for three minutes. The blood vessels will expand inside the procedure of suction. Rubber cups or silicone cups can be also utilized within this method. As soon as silicone cups are being used, it may be moved around your back with the effect comparable to being massaged.


This procedure is similar with dry cupping with a slight variation. After 30 minutes, the cup is removed and smaller cuts applying a scalpel are accomplished by the massage therapist at A smaller volume of blood might be drawn out as the second round of cupping is completed. Antibiotic ointment is applied towards the skin just after the session to prevent possible infection. It’s believed that wet cupping helps the removal of toxins and aid healing. The red spots that are the result of the method will likely be gone in ten days.  Another way of wet cupping could be the incorporation of acupuncture. Acupuncture needles are inserted within the skin prior to putting on the special cups.

What Does Cupping Do?

Cupping has been proven successful when it is actually combined with other treatment options like medication and acupuncture. This could be effective if you have acne, cervical spondylosis, facial paralysis and herpes zoster. Cupping can also be made use of to treat distinct diseases, which include:

  • Blood disorders
    • If that you are experiencing hemophilia or anemia
    • Rheumatic ailments
    • Fibromyaglia and arthritis
    • Varicose veins
    • Depression and Anxiety
    • Eczema

  • Gynecological issues and fertility problems
    • High blood pressure and migraine

What Will Be The Unwanted Effects Of Cupping?

It is essential that a well-trained practitioner will execute this procedure, to ensure safety, because even with a trained expert, there could be possible side effects that include:

Skin irritation- Sensitive skin could get irritation from the substance used to heat the cups.

Burns- there’s a possibility to have burns when the cups are as too hot for your skin to manage.

Bruises- Bruises can be sustained when the cups have been there for a longer period of time.

Mild discomfort- This is apparent with individuals who tried cupping for the first time.


It would be best to seek advice from your cupping practitioner at ahead of receiving the therapy for you to become confident that you will be secure and it’s going to not build a side effect that can bring about challenges along with your health.

How long has the therapist been doing cupping, and what kind of training did he go under?
Any reason why I can’t go on with the procedure?

Cupping has been beneficial to those who tried it. This treatment is fantastic in the area of alternative medicine and it is proven to relieve the discomfort that you are experiencing. Cupping can help you in a lot of ways, particularly in releasing your strain. Just be sure that you go to a credible and trusted 24 hour spa in Singapore.

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