Hatha Yoga Poses You Can Do to Relieve Stress

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When it comes to effectively relieving stress, many people turn to yoga and meditation.

In part, this might be because of its yogic practices and yoga philosophy.

In addition to yoga’s meditation aspect, there are several yoga poses (asanas) that are designed to help relieve stress.

If you are not familiar with Hatha yoga or if you are a yoga beginner still finding your way around, chances are you are still clueless as to the poses (asanas) that can help you with stress relief.

To help you out, we’ve enumerated some of the Hatha yoga asanas you can do to ease stress.

Bridge Pose

Start your yoga routine for stress relief with the bridge pose.

You can execute this gentle yoga pose with your feet planted on the ground or on your knees.

Lean back slowly until your shoulders are on the floor or mat.

Bend your back similar to a bridge hump.

This is the modified bridge pose.

Once you are more flexible and stretch, you can move your feet out until they are flat and create the bridge pose again.

Cobra Pose

From the bridge pose, slowly release your back out of the arch.

Roll slowly on your knees and lay with your legs flat on the floor.

If you wish, you can also lay flat with your stomach on the mat or on the ground.

From there, you can move to a pose similar to a push up.

Slowly push up and move so your chest is facing out and open, similar to a cobra.

From there, release stress from your chest, back, and shoulders as well as from your stress muscles.

Corpse Pose

Once done with the cobra pose, slowly roll onto your back and transition into the corpse pose.

As you lay flat on your back, your arms should be out to your sides.

The arms should be at a slight angle and your palms should be facing up.

The legs should be spread a shoulder width apart.

While in this position, breathe in slowly.

This is one pose many people do to stay relaxed, especially if they do not have sufficient time to do a full yoga regimen.

Lotus Pose

If you want to do some meditation at the end of your yoga stress relief routine, consider incorporating the lotus pose in your regimen.

Start by sitting with your legs crossed, with your back straight and your palms up on your knees.

Breathe in and out slowly as you start meditating.

This would be a good yoga pose to do at home, out of your bed.

However, if you are doing yoga poses in bed, ending the routine with the corpse pose is considered more ideal.

Above are just some of the common Hatha yoga poses that has been known to help in relieving stress.

Consider integrating meditation practices in your yoga routine.

The combination is sure to help you relax fully while minimizing stress in your mind and body.

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