How to Burn Fat Safely and Fast

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It might seem funny when you hear people saying the excess calories they’re eating go straight to their tummy and thighs. However, it is surprising that there is some truth to that. The tummy and thigh are just two of the places where excess fats can be stored.

Your body tends to store fat calories to keep you safe and alive. The goal is to learn how to rid ourselves of the extra fat (cara membakar lemak).

You hear a lot of supposed strategies that can help burn fat (cara membakar lemak), such as working in the burning fat zone, reducing spots, and taking foods and supplements designed to achieve said objective.

Fat-Burning Basics

When you try to lose weight, understanding how your body uses fuel calories will affect your approach to weight loss programs. Most people want to use fat for meaningful energy. The more fat you can use as fuel, the less fat will be stored in your body. However, using more fat doesn’t always mean you’ll lose all the fats automatically.

The best method to burn fat begins with some fundamental knowledge on how your body gets its energy:

  • Fat and carbohydrates are mainly used by the body for fuel. During exercise, a small amount of protein is used for repairing muscles after exercise.

  • The ratio of these fuels can differ according to the type of activities you do.

  • In activities of greater intensity such as fast-moving running, the body relies more on carbohydrates than on fat. This is because the metabolic routes available to decompose carbon in energy are more effective than the pathways available to decompose fat.

  • Fat is used more for energy than carbohydrates for long, slower workouts.

  • It doesn’t matter what type of fuel you use when it comes to weight loss. What counts is how many calories you eat, rather than how many calories you consume.

This is a very simplified analysis of energy with a strong message. As far as weight loss is concerned, it is important to burn more calories, not necessarily to use more energy fat.

The harder you work, the more calories you will burn. Think of it that way—you’re in your prime fat-burning mode when you sit and sleep. But you probably never considered sleeping more to lose weight. The bottom line is, just because you use more fat as energy does not mean that you burn more calories.

The good news is that the fat-burning mode does not always equate to doing strenuous workouts. Even incorporating walking for a short period can already go a long way towards burning the excess fat.


If you want to really lose weight in a healthy and safe manner, never try to do any shortcuts. In most cases, they can prove counterintuitive and can be very dangerous or detrimental to one’s health, especially if the body is stripped of its needed nutrients.

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