20 Key Ingredients for Blissful Relationships

by Tyrone James Martin
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Ingredients to A Happy Relationship

Are you in search of happiness in your relationship? Researchers have dedicated numerous years studying the factors that result in stable and fulfilling relationships, such as emotional connection, love experience, partner, and of course, sex, and now, we can provide you with the secret formula! Whether you desire to enhance your marriage or simply want to feel content with your current circumstances, these 20 qualities are all the necessary ingredients to whip you up a happy relationship with your darling.


They Don’t Have Kids

Are you considering the decision to become parents? Might want to hold off on that and listen to this. According to research conducted by the Open University, involving 5,000 people of various ages, social statuses, and sexual orientations, it was revealed that couples without children were more content with their relationships and felt more appreciated by their partners. This does make sense though. I mean, you get to spend more time with your bae instead of taking care of a mini tasmanian devil, plus you get to save some cash to spend on romantic date nights rather than diapers and baby formulas. More time with your baby means less time with your baby, if you know what I mean.


They’d Rather Speak Than TextCouple Prefers Talking

According to a study conducted by Brigham Young University in 2013, excessive texting can have a negative impact on relationships. It’s true that texting your partner to check on them every once in a while can be good, it doesn’t hold a candle though to the weight of actually talking to them with your voice face-to-face. Yes, we can understand what people want to say through texts, but we don’t feel their vibes, their tone, and most importantly, their emotions in the message. So put down your phone and start talking with your honeybunch.


They Start Fighting Early On

Who says conflicts are never an option? According to a study conducted by Florida State University in 2012, couples who are openly expressing anger but being honest at the beginning of their relationship tend to be happier in the long run. If you and your partner can survive an early battle in your relationship, you can bet you’ll be lasting longer than most couples. It’s these fights and arguments in relationships where we truly get to know who our partner is as well as how we can change for them. So if you’re in a new relationship with your partner and are going into a war of words, remember that what doesn’t kill your relationship will make it stronger.


They’ve Got A Specific Sibling Lineup

If the oldest person in a family marries the youngest, they are more likely to have a successful relationship with their partner. I know, this is the first I’ve heard of this too. A study conducted by the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany involving 3,000 families revealed that there are advantages when people with opposite birth orders come together in relationships with a partner. Who would’ve thought.


They’re In Gay RelationshipsGay Relationships

A group of researchers from the University of Queensland conducted a survey involving more than 34,000 individuals and found that homosexual couples tend to be more content than heterosexual couples in their relationships. I believe it could be because same-sex couples in relationships are less constrained by traditional gender norms and possibly feel a stronger sense of belonging within their own community with their partner. 


They Have The Same Spending Vibes

Although it is commonly believed that people with different personalities are attracted to each other, research shows that couples who share similar spending habits and have similar personalities are generally happier in their relationships. We’ve all seen relationships where one partner is stingy and the other is way too spendy. They more than likely will, you guessed it, end up arguing about the spending habits of one another. In the start of my relationship, my partner is the saving type while I’m the, “Imma buy this just in case/ Imma buy this because I deserve it” type. Sure, I start to change my spending habits to match hers (not completely though, still quite a spender lol) and we ended up arguing less about it. 

While money-related problems in relationships can be resolved, it is advisable to seek a partner who shares your inclination towards saving or spending in order to stay at peace with them.


They’re Dating With Feminists

When it comes to dating or being in a relationship, people are happier when they’re with a partner who’s all for gender equality. Rutgers University found out in 2007, after checking in with over 500 folks, that both guys and gals benefit from having a partner who gets feminism and relationships. Ladies tend to have a healthier vibe in the relationship, while dudes often find things more stable and, yeah, even better in the bedroom with their partner. Bottom line: rooting for equal rights is a win-win for everyone in relationships, partner!


They Spread The Love Through Kindness

To keep a great vibe going in your relationship with your partner, it’s super important to do little nice things for each other. A study from the Open University found that folks feel super appreciated in their relationships when their partners do these little things. We’re talking about anything from saying “I love you” to just making a cup of tea for your partner. It’s these small moves in relationships with a partner that really make a big difference. It’s pretty much common sense. So don’t be acting all cold and mysterious. We’re in the 2020’s now. People love feeling loved. Shocker, right?


Their Friends Aren’t Divorced

Your squad shapes you, big time. Studies reveal if your partner or relationships splits up, you’re 75% more likely to call it quits too. And if it’s a friend-of-a-friend relationship, your chances of a breakup bump up by 33%. Brown, Harvard, and UC San Diego teamed up to dig into relationships. They think maybe seeing someone close to you ditch their rings makes you side-eye your own relationship and mull over calling it quits. We’re not saying you should ditch your friends who go through a divorce, just think for yourself and decide for yourself. Don’t let what your mates went through in relationships affect what you have going on.


They Find Their Wifey Hot

It looks like guys have a lot to gain from marrying someone they find super hot in relationships. A 2013 study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that when dudes think their wives are more attractive, it’s a win-win for relationships. They’re not just happier in their relationships; they also pay more attention to their wives’ needs, which makes their wives happier too. And as we all know, happy wife equals happy life. 


Their Wifey/Hubby Is Also Their BestieCouples Are Besties

A bunch of studies have shown that tying the knot usually makes relationships happier. But, guess what? Seeing your other half as your bestie can seriously boost that joy in relationships. People who consider their partner their number one pal are way happier in their relationships, almost twice as happy even! This cool find comes from some deep digging by the National Bureau of Economic Research in Canada on relationships. They figured out that being friends with your spouse is a big win for marital bliss. Talk to them about their likes and dislikes, hang out with them, even gossip about the latest tea. Don’t just love your partner, like them too. 


Their Squads Merge

Back in 2013, Facebook dropped a study checking out 1.3 million peeps and how their relationships play out on social networks. Turns out, when folks are dating, their relationships start to mix ’cause they’re introducing their significant others to their own squad. Couples in relationships who had a bunch of mutual friends on Facebook were less likely to break up. Basically, the sweet spot for friendships and relationships was when both partners had their own crew, but those crews had some overlap too.


They Get It On Weekly

Hooking up in relationships at least once a week can seriously up your happy vibes. Back in 2004, some researchers chatted up 16,000 people and found that jumping from monthly to weekly sessions between the sheets could make you as happy as if you just bagged an extra 50k a year. So yeah, make sure you’re getting busy regularly. It’ll help with the cardio too.


They Split The Chores

Been slacking on your share of the housework? Time to step up! A 2007 survey found that most people think sharing chores is key for a good marriage, even more important than cash or shared hobbies. So grab that mop and show some love!


They Cheer For Each Other

Getting stoked about your partner’s wins is a big deal. Studies show that celebrating your SO’s successes can bring you closer. So, next time they kill it at work or nail a hobby, be their biggest fan! It’s worked wonders for me!


They’re Mostly Positive With Each Other

Turns out, you need five times more good vibes than bad ones to keep a marriage solid. Another shocker, I know. This isn’t just about avoiding fights; it’s about loading up on the love, compliments, and fun times. Keep that good stuff coming!


They Drink (Or Don’t) TogetherCouples Drink Together

Mismatched drinking habits can spell trouble. A study found that couples who drink similarly (or not at all) tend to stick together more than those who have different drinking patterns. So, it’s less about how much you drink and more about doing it on the same level. Don’t go and try acting cool for your partner and going out there drinking like an Irishman.


They Have Epic Date Nights

Bored of dinner and a movie? Time to spice things up! Research shows that adventurous dates can seriously boost your relationship satisfaction. Brainstorm some wild date ideas and start ticking them off your list. Go to the beach, a mall, a hotel, or an anime convention (my partner and I would love this), anywhere. Just keep things fresh and fun.


They Learn And Grow Together

Ever heard of “self-expansion”? It’s all about learning and trying new things together, which can make your relationship stronger. So whether it’s a cooking class or skydiving, growing together keeps things fresh.


They Catch Enough Z’s

Good sleep = better relationship. I’ve seen this first hand before. Guys feel more positive about their relationships after a solid night’s sleep, and women tend to face more relationship trouble when they’re sleep-deprived. So don’t skimp on sleep, it’s good for both of you!


Remember, a blissful relationship is less about perfect harmony and more about dancing to the same rhythm, even if you occasionally step on each other’s toes. So, go on and schedule that weekly date night, or maybe just enjoy a quiet evening sharing dreams and dishes. After all, it’s not about the grand gestures but the small, everyday moments of kindness, laughter, and mutual weirdness that really bake the cake of love.


And remember, while the research gives us a great guide, the best recipe will always be the one you cook up together. So, keep mixing, tasting, and sometimes, even starting from scratch, because the best part about relationship recipes? They get better with every attempt! So, here’s to love, laughter, and living your best life with your favorite sous-chef by your side. Cheers to your happily ever after!

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